I grew up in London between Hampstead and Highgate and later in Hertfordshire. I developed from a young book worm and secret scribbler into an adult bookworm and  scribbler. Occasionally, I even got paid for the words.

I studied at Exeter University and later did a Master’s degree at Cardiff, University of Wales. After I married I lived for several years in Canada and the US and briefly, Mexico.

I now live in Bristol where I worked for some years at the University of Bristol.  I also taught creative writing and did freelance work for various agencies and magazines.


I have two grown up children and a small grandson. I’m now divorced and working full time as a writer.

 What I Love

  •  Music, especially opera
  • Dancing
  • Radio 4
  • Walking in the country
  • Far horizons
  • Chocolate
  • Travel

After my children left home I decided to become the world’s oldest backpacker for a year. I sold my house and followed in the footsteps of those intrepid 19th century  lady travellers  –  I self-published a book about my adventures called Vagabond Shoes which won the novel prize at the Winchester Writers’ Conference.

The book is now available on Kindle. Click here for details >>

My agent is Kiran Kataria –